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John (Jack) Guesses What's Under the Pot6627A27-23-1942, ,

Preceded by explanation of previous story. Buck Asa identifies the protagonist as both John and Jack.

John and the Lord6627A37-23-1942,
The Preacher and His Hogs (part 1)6627A47-23-1942,
The Preacher and His Hogs (part 2)6627B17-23-1942,
Discussion of the Swift Peter (the dog killer)6627B27-23-1942

Buck Asa briefly discusses the dog-killing “Swift Peter” with Lomax and Lewis Jones, the latter of whom asks if he’s familiar with the “axe man,” but the machine is stopped.

The Preacher Who Could Always Be Trapped By Pussy6627B37-23-1942, ,