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Worried Life Blues6645B2, 7-28-1942, bluespiano vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Fo' Day Blues/Interview6662A1, 7-28-1942, , ,

Interview about Clarksdale, dance halls, local piano players, and this tune takes place while Jones plays. (Despite Alan’s introduction of the date being “the 26th or 27th,” it was the 28th.)

blues instrumental spokenpiano vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Unidentified ragtime tune (#1)6662A27-28-1942, instrumental ragtimepianoclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Walking Billy/Interview6662B1, 7-28-1942, , ,

Interview about the “Walking Billy” and other dances and tunes; ragtime pianists; and the clientele of the joints where Jones would play takes place while he plays the tune.

dance-tune instrumental spokenpiano vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Unidentified ragtime tune (#2)6662B2, 7-28-1942, , ,

Followed by interview about ragtime, blues, and assorted dances at the venues he played.

instrumental ragtime spokenpiano vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Interview about Clarksdale's red-light district, his jazz band and their tunes6663A1, 7-28-1942, ,

Discussion of closing of Clarksdale’s red-light district and scattering of musicians; his band and its personnel, and their tunes.

instrumental spokenpiano vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Interview about his jazz band and their tunes (continued)6663A2, 7-28-1942, ,

Discussion of his band, its personnel, their tunes, and renowed local musicians.

instrumental spokenpiano vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Interview about early blues6663A3, 7-28-1942,

Discussion of early blues, including Joe Turner Blues (which he recalls as the first blues he heard), Midnight Blues, and Corrina.

instrumental spokenvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Corrina, Corrina/Careless Love/Interview6663B1, 7-28-1942, ,

Interspersed with discussion of early blues.

blues instrumental spokenpianoclarksdalecoahomamississippi
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