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Where Shall I Be When the First Trumpet Sounds6624B1, 7-23-1942

Followed by discussion of the song. Rev. Martin was from Christian Springs, MIss.; Ms. Johns was from Alligator, Miss.

Motherless Children6624B2, 7-23-1942

A fragment sung at Lomax’s request. Does not appear in AFS catalog.

I'm Going Home On the Morning Train6624B3, 7-23-1942Get Right Churchsacred-songvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippiback-room-of-nelsons-funeral-home
A Charge to Keep I Have6624B4, , 7-23-1942, , lining-hymn long-meter-hymn sacred-songvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippiback-room-of-nelsons-funeral-home
Shine On Me6625B1, 7-23-1942, ,

Identified as “Must Jesus Bear the Cross Alone” on AFS card. Two performances interspersed by discussion of varieties of Watts metered hymns – common, short, fast.

hymn lining-hymn sacred-songvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippiback-room-of-nelsons-funeral-home