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Witness For My Lord6668A2, , 8-11-1942, ,

Ms. Threadgill gives her age as 64 and says she learned the song in Knoxville, Miss., 35 years earlier. Discussion follows its place in the worship service. “Just a hally song” used during collection.

I'm Gonna Lean On the Lord6668A3, , 8-11-1942, ,
They've Taken My Lord Away6668B1, , 8-11-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of song, which she learned from her mother as a child in Natchez.

Rock Daniel6668B2, , , 8-11-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of song, in which the singers explain “rocking” to Lomax.

Shout for Joy6668B3, , 8-11-1942, ,
You Got to Stand Your Test In Judgment6668B4, , 8-11-1942, ,
Let Me Ride6668B5, , 8-11-1942,

Identified as “Low Down Your Chariot And Let Me Ride” on AFS card. Followed by discussion of favorite songs.

Father, I Stretch My Hand to Thee6668B6, , 8-11-1942, , ,
Sorry, Sorry For to Leave You6669A1, , 8-11-1942, Y/
Red Wasp Is Stinging Me6669A2, , 8-12-1942, ,
Miss Sue from Alabama / Who De Cat (Sail, Sail)6669A3, , 8-12-1942, ,
Draw Me A Bucket of Water6669A5, , 8-12-1942, ,

Followed by a description of game.

6669B1, , , , ,

Identified on AFS card as “Gwan Down Rabbit.”