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Tent-show monologue6626B27-23-1942

Orr recites a monologue from a tent show in which he performed. Identified as “opening routine in show” on AFS card. The section on the preacher and the bear was issued under that name on “The Land Where the Blues Began,” Rounder CD 1861, 2002.

The Ugliest Animal, the Baboon6626B37-23-1942, ,
Big Mosquitos6626B47-23-1942, ,
The Man Who Walked On the Water Like Christ6626B57-23-1942, ,
The White Doctor and His Servant6626B67-23-1942, ,
The Woman Who Couldn't Count6627B47-23-1942, ,
The Lady and Her Three Daughters6627B57-23-1942, ,
Bring Me My Duck6627B67-23-1942, ,

Disc cuts out before the story ends.

White Man, Jew, and a Negro Go to Heaven6628A27-23-1942, ,
The Ox and the Mule6628A37-23-1942, ,
The Jew and the Irishman at the Cemetery6628A47-23-1942, ,

Lewis Jones wonders aloud how the joke “made it down here.”