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What A Time (Shout for Joy) / Interview about shouting, the sanctified church, and singing at work6644A7, 7-28-1942, ,

Followed by discussion (with John Cameron) about shouting and getting happy in church. Lomax attempts to coax Ms. Williams to talk about the sanctified church, the “new religion,” but she doesn’t recognize it as such. Discussion continues about singing at work and cotton picking.

sacred-song shoutclapping vocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground6644B2, 7-28-1942,

Others join in halfway through the singing. “Assisted in prayer by Sister Williams,” Cameron jokes at the end.

lining-hymn sacred-songvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
Interview about roustabouting, roustabout songs, and steamboating reminiscences6645B1, 7-28-1942

Includes snippets of several roustabouts’ songs and reminiscences of working on the river, a race between the Katy Adams and Jim Lee, and Friars Point in the steamboat era. “One of the finest towns for a colored person to make his living… if you can make your living here and you don’t bother nobody, and stay in your place, nobody gonna bother you.”