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How Many Miles to Bethlehem? (#2)6655B7, , 8-10-1942,

Following the performance Florence identifies herself as 11 years old and living on the “King and Anderson place”; Mabel Lou is 12; her stated residence is indecipherable.

Satisfy (#1)6656A1, 8-10-1942, ,
Uncle John's Rabbit6656A4, 8-10-1942, ,
Here Come Two Gents from Holly Springs (#2)6656A5, 8-10-1942,

Followed by explanation of the game.

Here We Go Loop-Ti-Loop6656A6, , 8-10-1942,

Followed by explanation of the game.

All Hid (#2)6656B28-10-1942,

Rembert announces that she’s 11 and from King and Anderson Plantation.

Did You Ever See the Monkey Do the Motion6657B6, 8-11-1942,

Followed by discussion of learning the game and some inaudible chatter.

Chicken, My Chicken, My Craney Crow (#2)6657B7, 8-11-1942,

Identified on AFS Card as “Chicken-Ma-Craney-Crow.” Followed by explanation of game.

Aunt Dinah's Dead (#2)6657B8, 8-11-1942, ,