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Where I Shall Wear the Golden Crown6633A4, 7-26-1942, , ,
Opening prayer6633A5, 7-26-1942,

The congregation moans and shouts responses while Rev. McGhee offers the prayer.

Do Remember Me6633B1, 7-26-1942, ,
I'll Live On / Testimony6633B3, 7-26-1942, ,

Interspersed with an unidentified woman’s testimony.

Testimonies6633B4, 7-26-1942
I'm Pressing On6633B5, 7-26-1942, , ,
Testimony6633B6, 7-26-1942
Every Hour I'm With You / Testimonies6633B7, , 7-26-1942, ,
Jesus Is My Friend6633B8, 7-26-1942, ,
With Angels Climbing the Golden Stairs6633B9, 7-26-1942, , ,
I Got A New World In My View6634A1, , 7-26-1942, ,

Identified on card as “I Got A Heaven In My View.”

Severe speed fluctuation.

I Got A Heaven In My View6634A3, 7-26-1942, ,

Severe speed fluctuation.

If You Put Your Trust In Jesus, Everything Will Be All Right6634A4, 7-26-1942, , ,

Severe speed fluctuation.


Testimony6634A5, 7-26-1942

Severe speed fluctuation.

Sermon6634A6, 7-26-1942

Speaker is unindentified past his being a visiting pastor.

Severe speed fluctuation.

Sacramental sermon6634B3, 7-26-1942

Combined of six separate fragmentary bands.

At the Cross6634B4, 7-26-1942, ,
Yea, Lord (part 1)6634B5, 7-26-1942, ,
Yea, Lord (part 2)6635A1, 7-26-1942, ,
Sacramental text6635A2, 7-26-1942

Identified as such on AFS card. Used here to differentiate it from 6634A6, “Sacramental sermon.”

The Blood Has Made Me Whole6635A3, 7-26-1942, , ,

Identified as “The Blood Have Made Me Whole” on AFS card.

Prayer6635B2, 7-26-1942
Yea, Lord6635B3, 7-26-1942, , Y/
Praise Him6635B4, 7-26-1942, , Y/
I'm Running for My Life6635B5, 7-26-1942, ,

Fragment at top of track is likely a transfer false start.

Sermon on foot-washing (part 1)6635B6, 7-26-1942
Sermon on foot-washing (part 2)6636A1, 7-26-1942

Remarks by an unidentified elder follow Rev. McGhee’s sermon.

He Never Said A Mumbling Word6636A2, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Followed by ambience and machine hum.

Sweeter As the Years Go By6636A3, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Identified as “Peter, As the Years Go By” on AFS card.

Machine hum toward band end.

Heaven's Going to Be My Home6636B1, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Marred by speed fluctuation and machine noise.

Just Like Heaven to Me6636B2, 7-26-1942, , ,

Preceded by a minute of blank disc.

Running Up the Shiny Way6636B3, 7-26-1942, , , ,
I'm A Soldier In the Army of the Lord6637A1, 7-26-1942, , , ,
Worship service: lighting the offering6637A2, 7-26-1942

Identified as “Lighting the offering” in AFS catalog. Ambience includes sounds of worshipper “getting happy” and a guitar strumming.

I Claim Jesus First of All6637A3, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Identified as “Every Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right” in AFS catalog.

Just A Little Talk With Jesus6637A4, 7-26-1942, , , , http://Y (fades out)/
Jesus Is My Everything (part 1)6637B1, 7-26-1942, , , ,
Jesus Is My Everything (part 2)6637B2, 7-26-1942, , , ,