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Listen NowTitleFile NumberSubjectsRecording DateAlt TitleGenresInstrumentsCitiesCountiesStateSettingEditor NoteTechnical NoteOnline Resources
I Be Bound to Write to You (#1)6629A3, 7-24-1942,
I Be Bound to Write to You (#2)6629A4, 7-24-1942,
Cornfield holler (#1)6629A67-24-1942
Cornfield holler (#2)6629B47-24-1942

Followed by discussion about song, which he learned from his brother. End is compromised by disc noise.

Levee Camp Blues (#1)6667A27-30-1942, http://Source audio from LWO/
Interview about Levee Camp Blues (#1)6667A3, 7-30-1942,
Levee Camp Blues (#2)6667B17-30-1942,

Followed by Lomax interview about Forrest Jones’ levee camp in Arkansas.