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Three Suitors Who Were Fast Men6630A17-25-1942, ,
The Foolish Boy and the Preachers6630A27-25-1942, , ,
Greensnake6630A37-25-1942, ,
Interview about storytelling, his biography, Bud Doggett, and tough guys6630A4, 7-25-1942,

Discussion of learning the preceding story from a Walter Hutton, storytelling style, his own biography, the late plantation manager Bud Doggett, tough guys (including a Jack Devil).

Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit (#1)6631A27-25-1942, ,
Mr. Bear and Mr. Rabbit (#2)6631A37-25-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of animal stories.

Three Sons Look for Their Fortune6631A47-25-1942, ,
The Woman Who Never Had No Man6631A57-25-1942, ,
Get Up In the Morning Soon (fragment)6631A67-25-1942Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy, ,
Get Up In the Morning Soon6631A77-25-1942, ,
Casey Jones6631A87-25-1942, ,
Levee camp song (#1)6631B17-25-1942,
The Preacher and the Deacon's Wife6631B37-25-1942, ,
Levee camp song (#2)6631B47-25-1942,
Levee camp song (#3)6631B57-25-1942,
The Devil Counts Souls In the Graveyard6631B67-25-1942, ,
Man Runs Away from the Gunshot6632A27-25-1942, , ,

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The Lawyer, the Bookkeeper, and the Tramp Go to Mary6632A37-25-1942, , ,

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The Chicken Stealin' Man6632A47-25-1942, , ,

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