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Talk on recording / machine set-up6642B3, 7-28-1942

Lomax and Williams discuss what she’s going to sing; he cautions against walking across the floor while the disc is being cut.

Don't Care Where You Bury My Body6642B47-28-1942

Ms. Williams says she learned the song from her grandmother. She sings a fragment of “Glory, Glory, Hallelujah” that she heard from her. Discusses hearing her first hymn, “Am I Born to Die,” at age five from her aunt.

Interview about Don't Care Where You Bury My Body / Glory, Glory, Hallelujah6642B5, 7-28-1942, , hymn sacred-song spokenvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
Am I Born to Die6642B67-28-1942, lining-hymn sacred-songvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
Interview about her family singing, praying, and shouting6642B7, 7-28-1942

Ms. Williams discusses the various ways of getting happy and being moved by the spirit. She then addresses some younger visitors, telling them they can come back and perform song ring plays and reels for Lomax and Jones.

There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood6642B87-28-1942, lining-hymn sacred-songvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
Interview about Watts hymns (lining hymns), education, and old songs6643A1, 7-28-1942

Ms. Williams discusses her family’s singing – both jubilee and Watts hymns – and her education and that of her children. She sings fragments of “Rock Daniel,” “Chariot’s Coming (Jubilee),” “Mockingbird.”

Free At Last6643A27-28-1942sacred-songvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
You Don't Believe I'm A Child of God6643A37-28-1942

The accompanying voices are presumably of her younger family members present.

Don't Grieve After Me6643A47-28-1942sacred-songvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
All Night Long6644B17-28-1942

Ms. Williams tells Lomax this song is a “hally” (hallelujah). “Shout if you want on it. Pat your hands on it.”

Dark Was the Night, Cold Was the Ground6644B2, 7-28-1942,

Others join in halfway through the singing. “Assisted in prayer by Sister Williams,” Cameron jokes at the end.

lining-hymn sacred-songvocalfriars-pointcoahomamississippiannie
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