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My Mind Done Changed (#1)6640B17-28-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of where he learned song and its meaning.

Two minutes of blank disc precede performance.

sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Katy, I Got To Go (To Judgment)6640B27-28-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of song, sung at old-time Baptist prayer meetings.

sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Rock, Daniel (#1)6640B37-28-1942,

Followed by discussion of shouting.

sacred-song shoutvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Rock, Daniel (#2)6641A17-28-1942, ,

Preceded by empty disc and brief announcement of Robertson’s age (75). This performance is not listed in the AFS catalog, which identifies the following song as 6641A1.

sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Run, Sinner, Run6641A27-28-1942, , sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
There'll Be Preaching Tonight (On the Old Campground)6641A37-28-1942, , sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Outshine the Sun6641A47-28-1942Beulah Land, , sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
On the Other Side of Jordan6641A57-28-1942, ,

Sound is severely intermittent.

sacred-song shoutguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
The Chariot Jubilee6641A67-28-1942, sacred-song shoutvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
The Band In Gideon6641A77-28-1942,

Followed by discussion of song’s origins and setting, and shouts.

sacred-song shoutvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi

Title is that given by Robertson following song. Refrain: “When the war shall be ended / I’m a soldier of the cross.”

sacred-song shoutvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Keep Inching Along6641A9, 7-28-1942, sacred-song shoutvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Tell Me How Long Has the Train Been Gone6641B17-28-1942

Followed by discussion of song and its composition (by Robertson).

Discussion of coon songs6641B27-28-1942

A separate band on the disc, although not identified as one in AFS cards. Brief discussion of his coon-song repertoire and Lomax’s explanation that the discs aren’t being created for broadcast but for study.

Make Cindy Behave Herself6641B37-28-1942

Identified as “Cindy” on AFS card (and likely by Robertson). [See Lomax’s 1959 recording of Sid Hemphill’s “Make Lula Behave Herself” for an ancillary.]

Discussion of square dance tunes and calls6641B47-28-1942spokenvocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
That's What's the Matter With the Church Today6642A17-28-1942, sacred-songguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Clear the Line Before You Call6642A27-28-1942, sacred-songguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
My Mind Done Changed (#2)6642A37-28-1942, sacred-songguitar vocalclarksdalecoahomamississippi
Discussion of getting religion; sinful habits; playing music, gambling, and fights at dances.6642A47-28-1942

Robertson recounts his sinful behavior before “finding holiness,” and playing music with his band at the house at the Hill plantation. Discussion of differences between white and black dances; gambling, fights, and music at both. Trouble (“shooting spree”) he got into in St. Louis.

Hard Time in Blue Eagle Jail6642B17-28-1942

Robertson said this was “made up on the railroad.”

John Henry6642B27-28-1942

Lomax asks for other railroad songs; Robertson recites a fragment of John Henry and hums the melody.

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