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Four O'Clock Flower Blues6605A1, 7-16-1942, ,

Followed by Lomax interview with Blackwell about his compositions.

Audio drop-out at 2:58 (releases of this performance have edited out the compromised phrase).

willbrown blackwellbluesguitar vocalbanks sadie
Interview about making music for a living6605A2, 7-16-1942, lomax blackwellspokenvocalbanks sadie
Junior, A Jap Girl's Christmas for His Santa Claus6605B7-16-1942, ,

“Junior” transcribed as “Junion” on AFS card. This oft-mangled title, to quote Chris Smith, “result[s] from a misunderstanding of Blackwell’s lyric, which refers to sending Junior ‘a Jap’s skull’ [at] Christmas for his Santa Claus [gift].”

Performance followed by blank disc.

blackwellbluesguitar vocalbanks sadie
Mississippi Blues6606A17-16-1942, , willbrownbluesguitar vocalbanks sadie
East St. Louis Blues6606A27-16-1942, , willbrownbluesguitar vocalbanks sadie
Ragged and Dirty6606A3, 7-16-1942, , willbrown williebbluesguitar vocalbanks sadie
World is Goin' to Destruction6606B1, , , , , 7-17-1942, , moore rufus hackett wh willbrown williebsacred-songguitar vocalrowland sadie