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Opening announcement6604A87-11-1942

The minister announces the visitors and makes other brief remarks on the musical program that will take place.

I Love the Lord, He Heard My Cry6604B17-11-1942,

Identified on AFS card as “Dr. Watts hymn.”

Prayer6604B2, 7-11-1942

Congregation picks up singing over the minister’s prayer.

I'll Fly Away6604B47-11-1942, ,
Use Me, My Lord, Use Me6604B57-11-1942,
Just A Closer Walk With Thee6637B3, 7-25-1942, ,
Until I Found the Lord6637B4, 7-25-1942, ,
The Usher6637B57-25-1942

A recitation of a paean to church ushers. (It sounds like “Dunbar” is credited with the poem in the introduction, but it is not a P.L. Dunbar composition.)

Sending Up My Timber6637B6, 7-25-1942, ,

Partial performance.

You Just Sing for Jesus6638A1, 7-25-1942

[Skip at 1:20]

My Lawd So High You Can't Go Over Him6638A2, , 7-25-1942You Must Come in at the Door

Title given is that on AFS card.

[Beginning marred by skips/]

Walk Around (fragment)6638A3, , 7-25-1942
Please Don't Drive Me Away6638A4, , , 7-25-1942
Christ My Lord Is Coming Soon6638B2, , 7-25-1942http://YES AMAZING/
Jesus Knows6638B3, 7-25-1942, ,
Precious Lord6639A1, 7-25-1942,
I'm Toiling, Lord (#1)6639A2, , 7-25-1942

Identified on AFS card as “Through the Years We Keep On Toiling.” Another take recorded presumably after audience program on 6640A3.

Holy Baby6639A3, , 7-25-1942,

Introduction by (presumably) the quartet’s leader Baker T. Garner, noting the song as a request and calling it the “hardest song that ever was, nearly.”

Ain't No Grave Can Hold My Body Down6639B1, 7-25-1942
When I've Done the Best I Can, I Want My Crown6639B2, 7-25-1942
There's A King of Kings Somewhere6640A1, 7-25-1942, ,
A Charge to Keep I Have6640A2, , 7-25-1942,
I'm Toiling, Lord (#2)6640A3, , 7-25-1942