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He Never Said A Mumbling Word6636A2, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Followed by ambience and machine hum.

Y/cogic rev-mcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
Sweeter As the Years Go By6636A3, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Identified as “Peter, As the Years Go By” on AFS card.

Machine hum toward band end.

cogic revmcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
Heaven's Going to Be My Home6636B1, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Marred by speed fluctuation and machine noise.

cogic revmcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
Running Up the Shiny Way6636B3, 7-26-1942, , , , cogic rev-mcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
I'm A Soldier In the Army of the Lord6637A1, 7-26-1942, , , , cogic revmcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
I Claim Jesus First of All6637A3, 7-26-1942, , , ,

Identified as “Every Little Talk With Jesus Makes It Right” in AFS catalog.

Y/cogic rev-mcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
Just A Little Talk With Jesus6637A4, 7-26-1942, , , , http://Y (fades out)/cogic rev-mcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
Jesus Is My Everything (part 1)6637B1, 7-26-1942, , , , cogic revmcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
Jesus Is My Everything (part 2)6637B2, 7-26-1942, , , , cogic revmcgheehymn sacred-songclarksdalecoahomamississippicogic
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