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Uncle Sam Done Called (fragment)4782A1, , 9-3-1941, , ,

Identified as a microphone test in AFS catalog.

fiddlin leroy williebguitar harmonica vocallake-cormorantmississippiclack
Uncle Sam Done Called4782A2, , 9-3-1941, , ,

Remaining side is a brief instrumental by E.C. Ball (recorded in Virginia) followed by empty disc.

fiddlin leroy williebguitar harmonica vocallake-cormorantmississippiclack
American Defense6607B17-17-1942, ,

Followed by discussion and tuning demonstration. House says he made the song up three months earlier.

songuitar vocalrobinsonvillemississippi
The Army Blues6612B17-20-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of the song, which he had written “about three weeks ago,” and the war.

honeyboyguitar vocalclarksdalemississippi
These Days Got Everybody Troubled6623A7-23-1942

A song concerning the Second World War and national defense. Preceded and followed by discussion of his topical songwriting.

The Natchez Theater Fire Disaster6623B27-23-1942

Followed by discussion of the song, its publication, and dissemination, and Haffer’s intentions as a songwriter. “To warn the people – the uncoverted.” Brief talk on damnation and other disaster songs. Sings brief fragment of topical piece, “Storm of ’42” (see 6624A1).

What A Storm (Storm of '42)6624A17-23-1942

Introduces song with details of the storm, which stuck on March 16, 1942. Identified on AFS card as “Song of the Great Disaster.” Haffer says, on AFS 6626A3, that he’d written the song for the state Baptist convention.

The Titanic6626A27-23-1942jr-charles-haffervocalclarksdalemississippiback-room-of-nelsons-funeral-home
Strange Things Happening In the Land6626A37-23-1942

Followed by discussion of songwriting.

The Late War6651A48-9-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of the song, which he learned in 1918, and the race of song’s composer.

willstarksguitar vocalclarksdalemississippi
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