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Toast on Mr. Chatmon and Bud Doggett6631B27-25-1942, ,

Identified as “Toast on Bud Doggett,” but the toast – which Starks attributes to Howard Spann – has more to do with a Mr. Chatmon’s breaking up moonshining operations.

willstarksvocalclarksdalemississippibuck hopson
Toast about preachers6632B47-25-1942, ,

Identified on AFS card as “Preacher and the Lady.”

SC to -0.75 / 95.9%

kingvocalclarksdalemississippibuck hopson
Toast (fragment)6646A58-4-1942

Marred by skips.

Toast (You Shall Be Free) (part 1)6646B28-4-1942bellyvocalsherardmississippi
Toast (You Shall Be Free) (part 2)6646B38-4-1942bellyvocalsherardmississippi
Toast on Sonny Simms6647A28-4-1942bellyvocalsherardmississippi
Toast on Hitler6647A38-4-1942bellyvocalsherardmississippi
Toasts (part 1)6647A4, 8-4-1942

Vulgar toasts, primarily about crab lice (including one on the NRA [National Recovery Act]).

belly umenvocalsherardmississippi
Toasts (part 2)6647A5, 8-4-1942belly umenvocalsherardmississippi
Toast (Doodly Doo)6653B58-9-1942,

A vulgar toast Starks recalls learning in jail. Discussion follows about toasts.