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I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You6109A3, , , , , 7-14-1942, , , , , ,

Lomax identified Carroll’s bass as a “tin-can bull-fiddle.” Followed by discussion of song by Stokes and Dalton, who say they’ve been playing together for 8-10 years.

dalton kelly washboard stokes carroll umanguitar mandolin vocal washboard washtub-bassnashvilletennesseework
Sitting On Top of the World6609B37-19-1942, ,

Preceded with questions from Lewis Jones about the secular songs in his repertoire (those he performs while busking), and followed by commentary on Blind Sid Hemphill, from whom he learned the song, and how to find him. Lomax and Jones would visit him several days later.

turnerjuniorharmonica vocalclarksdalemississippi
Minglewood Blues6609B47-19-1942, , ,

Erroneously identified on AFS card as “Manuwat Blues.”

turnerjuniorharmonica percussion vocalclarksdalemississippi
Break the News to Mother (fragment)6650B18-9-1942, , , willstarksguitar vocalclarksdalemississippistarks
Break the News to Mother6650B48-9-1942, , ,

Followed by discussion about the song, which he learned from a songbook c. 1914. Places it, correctly, in the Spanish-American War.

willstarksguitar vocalclarksdalemississippi
Love Me6663B27-30-1942, uwomanvocalclarksdalemississippi
After the Ball Is Over6673A2, , , 8-15-1942, , , , askew lucius hemphill willheadbass drum fife snare-drumsledgemississippifives
The Sidewalks of New York6673A3, , , 8-15-1942, , , , askew lucius hemphill willheadbass drum fife snare-drumsledgemississippifives
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