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Deary, Don't Be Angry6109A1, , , , , 7-14-1942, , , , ,

Lomax identified Carroll’s bass as a “tin-can bull-fiddle.”

Kokomo Blues6109A2, , , , , 7-14-1942, , , , ,

Lomax identified Carroll’s bass as a “tin-can bull-fiddle.” “Kokomo” was misheard/misidentified as “Kohoma” on AFS card.

I'll Be Glad When You're Dead, You Rascal You6109A3, , , , , 7-14-1942, , , , , ,

Lomax identified Carroll’s bass as a “tin-can bull-fiddle.” Followed by discussion of song by Stokes and Dalton, who say they’ve been playing together for 8-10 years.

Going Away to Make It Lonesome Here6109B1, , , , , 7-14-1942, , , , , ,

Lomax identified Carroll’s bass as a “tin-can bull-fiddle.” Followed by demonstration of the band’s instruments.

American Defense6607B17-17-1942, ,

Followed by discussion and tuning demonstration. House says he made the song up three months earlier.

Am I Right Or Wrong6607B27-17-1942,
I Love My Jelly Roll6611A17-20-1942,

A song learned from a Ringling Bros. show: “a shine thing, a negro thing.”

Hellatakin' Blues6611A37-20-1942Hesitation Blues,

Edwards sings this as “Hellatakin’,” and it’s cataloged as such on AFS card.

Tear It Down6612B27-20-1942Tear It Down (Bed Slats and All),

The item identified as “Ragtime Selection” in the AFS catalog (6612B3) is presumably this one.

Get Up In the Morning Soon (fragment)6631A67-25-1942Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy, ,
Get Up In the Morning Soon6631A77-25-1942, ,
Casey Jones6631A87-25-1942, ,
Hard Time in Blue Eagle Jail6642B17-28-1942

Robertson said this was “made up on the railroad.”

John Henry6642B27-28-1942

Lomax asks for other railroad songs; Robertson recites a fragment of John Henry and hums the melody.

Come On Boys, Let's Go to Hunting (It Don't Suit Me)6645A4, , , , , 7-28-1942

Followed by explanation of song, and presumably the source, last name Walker. Identified on AFS card as “a local parody” (of “It Just Suits Me”).

Break the News to Mother (fragment)6650B18-9-1942, , ,
Coon, Coon, Coon (I Wish My Color Would Fade)6650B28-9-1942, , ,

Followed by discussion about learning the song (c. 1914), and its popularity.

Preceded by stretch of blank disc and test segment.

Break the News to Mother6650B48-9-1942, , ,

Followed by discussion about the song, which he learned from a songbook c. 1914. Places it, correctly, in the Spanish-American War.

The Late War6651A48-9-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of the song, which he learned in 1918, and the race of song’s composer.

Travelin' Man6651B28-9-1942, ,

Followed by a discussion of the song, which he learned at a medicine show.

Take A Whiff On Me6652A28-9-1942

Preceded by discussion of cocaine, its effects, and its erstwhile popularlity. “Folks would use it and they get drunk and they couldn’t smell no whiskey!”

Down On the Farm6653B18-9-1942,

Preceded by fragmentary discussion about whether Starks remembers any blues or “slow drags.”

Show Me the Way to Go Home6653B28-9-1942,
I'm A Rowdy Soul6653B38-9-1942Whoa Back Buck,

Discussion follows about it being a “po’ white song.”

My Old Mistress Promised Me / Interview about dances and courting6653B48-9-1942,

“Mistress” on AFS card as “Mistis.” Learned from his father. Discussion follows about set dances and courting girls.

I'll Keep My Skillet Greasy If I Can / Old Dog Blue / Sally Goodin6654A18-9-1942Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy,

Followed by discussion of various songs, including “Old Dog Blue” and “Sally Goodin” of which he sings fragments.

The Dummy Line6654A28-9-1942,

Identified on AFS card simply as “The Dummy.” Lomax prompts him with extra verses.

Didn't He Ramble6654A38-9-1942The Derby Ram; The Darby Ram,
Love Me6663B27-30-1942,
Arkansas Traveler6671B1, , , 8-15-1942, , , , , , ,

Followed by solo demonstrations of each instruments’ part and their tunings . (Smith’s kazoo only comes in here.)

Corrected to +0.234 / 101.36%

Old Blues6672B4, , , 8-15-1942, , , , , , ,

Identified on AFS card as “Old Blue,” but it is not a version of the song about the dog by that name.

Seriously marred by speed fluctuation.


Jesse James6673A1, , , 8-15-1942, , , , ,
John Henry6673A5, , , 8-15-1942, , , , , , ,
Keep My Skillet Good and Greasy6673B1, , , 8-15-1942, , , , , , ,
Soon In the Morning6673B3, , 8-15-1942, , , , , ,