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Interview about childrens' games6610A1, 7-20-1942

Interview with Edwards about ring games he played as a child.

Marred by noise in the right channel at 2:17.

lomax honeyboyvocalclarksdalemississippiaggie
Interview about Spread My Raincoat Down and the meaning and origins of the blues6610B1, 7-20-1942

Discussion of the preceding “plantation song,” which Edwards learned as a boy in Shaw, Miss.; what the blues “are all about”; and the first time he had the blues.

lomax honeyboyvocalclarksdalemississippi
Interview about Edwards' interest in music, his music-making father, and sinful music6611A27-20-1942

Discusses his father joining the church and quitting music; a chord demonstration; and the blues as the Devil’s music.

Interview about church-going, learning to play, and playing for dances6611A47-20-1942honeyboyvocalclarksdalemississippi
Interview about traveling, playing dances,6611B7-20-1942

Talk on his travels as an itinerant musician, the dances he played, the musicians he played with (particularly in Memphis), various intoxicants, writing and recording blues. Discusses Bluebird Records and its talent scouts specifically, songwriting and songwriting/sales royalties vs. flat fees. Conversation continues about his preference for the North, and for integration. “Where you can be treated like a man,” Lomax said. More on country dances, dances, how much whiskey he’s drunk.