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You Got To Roll (I)6610B27-20-1942,

Identified by Lomax as a “chain gang song.”

You Got To Roll (II)6610B37-20-1942, ,

Followed by discussion of song’s origins and some of the lyrics, including Lomax asking Edwards why he changed the lyrics for the recording from “white folks” to “baby.” Also about his musician father and his repertoire.

honeyboyguitar vocalclarksdalemississippi
Cornfield holler (#1)6629A67-24-1942berryvocalclarksdalemississippi
Cornfield holler (#2)6629B47-24-1942

Followed by discussion about song, which he learned from his brother. End is compromised by disc noise.

Levee camp song (#1)6631B17-25-1942, asavocalclarksdalemississippibuck hopson
Levee camp song (#2)6631B47-25-1942, asavocalclarksdalemississippibuck hopson
Levee camp song (#3)6631B57-25-1942, asavocalclarksdalemississippibuck hopson
Levee camp holler (#2)6646A38-4-1942

Identified on AFS card with first line: “Got Me ‘Cused of ‘Forgin’.” Followed by interview with Lewis Jones about song, which he first heard in a levee camp in Arkansas.

Levee camp (muleskinner) holler6646A48-4-1942

Marred by skips.

T.P. Running, Smokestack Drag the Ground6646B48-4-1942bellyvocalsherardmississippi
Unidentified holler6646B58-4-1942bellyvocalsherardmississippi
Hey, Hey Captain (Levee camp holler) (part 1)6646B68-4-1942Y/willhendersonvocalsherardmississippi
Hey, Hey Captain (Levee camp holler) (part 2)6646B78-4-1942willhendersonvocalsherardmississippi
Levee camp holler (#2)6647A18-4-1942

Followed by extended stretch of blank disc.

Interview about Georgia Skin and gambling / Jack O' Diamonds6649B, , 8-8-1942, ,

Discussion of gambling and hustling cards interspersed with singing of “Jack O’ Diamonds” and assorted floating verses. Band begins with idle guitar picking. Band ends with a woman’s voice: “I wouldn’t let those boys sit on the bed.”

Identified by Lomax as the Delta Tourist Camp (suggested by Chris Smith to be the Delta Tourist Courts • 1600 N. State St. in Clarksdale)

lomax bacon lewisguitar vocalclarksdalemississippitourist
Levee Camp Blues (#1)6667A27-30-1942, http://Source audio from LWO/berryvocalcoahomamississippiaggie
Interview about Levee Camp Blues (#1)6667A3, 7-30-1942, lomax berryvocalcoahomamississippiaggie
Levee Camp Blues (#2)6667B17-30-1942,

Followed by Lomax interview about Forrest Jones’ levee camp in Arkansas.

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