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Song fragment6606B27-17-1942,

Alternately identified as “Sun Goin’ Down,” “I Ain’t Goin’ to Cry No More,” and “Special Rider” on various releases and (in the case of the latter) Blues and Gospel Recordings.

sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
Special Rider Blues6606B37-17-1942,

Followed by brief discussion of song, which House said he learned in 1928 from Willie Williams in Matson, Miss., and by the tuning (Spanish A).

sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
Low Down Dirty Dog Blues6607A17-17-1942, sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
Depot Blues6607A27-17-1942,

Followed by demonstration of tuning and chords, and lyric improvisation.

sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
American Defense6607B17-17-1942, ,

Followed by discussion and tuning demonstration. House says he made the song up three months earlier.

sonlyric-song topical-songguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
Am I Right Or Wrong6607B27-17-1942, sonlyric-songguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
Walking Blues6607B37-17-1942Death Letter Blues,

In the Lomax interview that follows, House discusses his experience recording for the Paramount company in 1930, and his affiliation with the Delta Big Four and Charley Patton. He also identifies this song as “Walking Blues,” although what was issued on Paramount under that name is a different song. This performance would be identified on 1960s releases as “Death Letter (Blues).”

sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
County Farm Blues6608A17-17-1942,

Brief interview with Lomax follows.

sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
The Pony Blues6608A27-17-1942,

Followed by tuning demonstration; House says he learned the tuning from Willie Brown.

sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
The Jinx Blues (#1)6608A37-17-1942, sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
The Jinx Blues (#2)6608B17-17-1942, sonbluesguitar vocalcoahomamississippi
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