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File: 4779B


Title: Recollections of slavery-time conditions and activities at Hurricane Plantation

Subject: George Johnson Jr.

Recording Date: 9/2/1941

Alternative Title:

Genre: oral history

Instrument: vocal

City: Mound Bayou

State: Mississippi


Editor Notes:

Recollections of conditions for slaves on Jefferson Davis’ Hurricane Plantation; Davis’ mule Righteous Bill and barnyard; corn-huskings, horse races, and riding tournaments; ghosts, spirits, and black superstitions; lullabies his mother sang; Brer Rabbit and Brer Fox (stories he purports to have never heard because he wasn’t interested in hearing them); dance steps. The interview ends with a discussion of Jeff Davis’ walking stick of given to the speaker by Montgomery and, after a distorted passage, conditions for young Negroes in Mississippi.

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