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File: 4778A


Title: Recollections of church at Hurricane; field hollers and blues; dances and church songs; Davis Bend excursions; cotton-pickings and community celebrations

Subject: George Johnson Jr.

Recording Date: 9/2/1941

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Genre: oral history

Instrument: vocal

City: Mound Bayou

State: Mississippi


Editor Notes:

Recollections of “getting religion” at Hurricane Plantation, meetings and songs (including a short performance of “Mercy Seat”). Jones asks about singing in the field; the interviewee sings “Old Black Joe.” Discussion of first hearing the blues – “too wild” – when he first arrived in Mound Bayou 54 years previously; dance music around Mound Bayou; songs in the A.M.E. church (with brief sung example) and old-time jubilee/revival songs; a local fiddler and recitation of “I lost my fiddle and I lost my bow”; childrens’ games; white excursions to Davis Bend.

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